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Danielle Newport Fancher is a writer and migraine advocate.   

She has had migraines for the past sixteen years and continues to stump her doctors, some of the best neurology and migraine specialists in the country. For many years, Danielle has proactively done everything possible to beat her migraine brain with little success.  Her efforts range from pumping her veins with the strongest migraine medications available at a specialized in-patient neurological center to quitting her job to live on the beach in Costa Rica because she lost all hope of a migraine-free life. 

And worse, her illness is not taken seriously by the people in her life. Even her brother continues to tell her that “drinking more water” will make her migraines go away. As a result, Fancher is on a mission to change the way people view the word, "migraine." 

Fancher won the 2019 Association of Migraine Disorder's Special Advocacy Award and she's a member of the Patient Leadership Council for the National Headache Foundation.  


She currently lives in Manhattan and, in her spare time, can be found writing at her favorite coffee shop in Gramercy.